Directors in attendance:
Reg Patterson, Colin Stroeder, Carl Haase, Terry Ross, Chad McClarty, Nicole Wainwright, Marilyn Blattler, Taryn Davis, and Frank Angyal

Greg Poncelet and Darryl Binnion

Reg Patterson called the meeting to order at 7: 32 P.M.

A quorum was present, and the meeting validity constituted.

Approval of Agenda
Motion by Carl Haase to approve the Agenda as presented. Seconded by Colin Stroeder. A VOTE was taken and passed unanimously.

Approval of Previous Council Minutes
Motion by Colin Stroeder to approve the previous council minutes. Seconded by Taryn Davis. A VOTE was taken and pass unanimously.

Old Business: None

New Business:

Fire & Safety: Multiple new members.
Motion by Reg Patterson to approve expenditure of $9,580.08 by F&S for additional and replacement equipment. Seconded by Darryl Binnion.
Discussion: Reviewed proposal and discussed how amount would fit into budget. Below threshold of $1,850 which allows board to approve without presenting to membership.
A VOTE was taken and passed unanimously.

KVCA Website: Proposed content
  • Previous KVCA F&S newsletters
  • Meeting minutes
  • Any published information from KVCA
  • Suggestion to add a section for trades to advertise.

AGM: Proposed date May 23, 2021

Meeting adjourned 8:24 P.M.
KVCA Council Meeting Minutes
March 18th, 2021
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