Call Meeting to Order: 7:00 pm

Members in Attendance: Bruce Cody, Kelly Kemick, Daryl Binion, Colin Stroeder, Reg Patterson, Rick Spasiuk.
Via Teams: Jared Bell, Carl Hasse, Not in Attendance: Sheri Dean and Ciara Duffy

  1. Welcome and introductions.

  2. Carry Over Items from Previous Board Meetings
    • No meeting minutes were brought forward from the last KVCA BOD.
    • Action: Bruce to reach out to Ciara to find out the KVCA survey results.

  3. Review AGM results and follow up activities:
    • Action: Secretary to distribute AGM meeting minutes to KVCA team.
    • Bruce reviewed the vote tally sheet with board members

  4. Review Latest Financial and Budget
    • 2023 Budget – Insurance and Computer/Internet are over budget due to price increases in 2023
    • Accounts Receivable – Starting in 2024, fees received resulting in a credit will not be shown as current income but will be placed in a holding account as this is income not realized until a future date.
    • Financials are reviewed annually but have not been audited. Moving forward, KVCA Accountant will be submitting to the government on our behalf.
    • Motion to accept 2024 financials as presented by Carl by Bruce Cody, 2nd by Reg Patterson.
    • A vote was taken and passed unanimously.

  5. Bank signing authority – who has and who needs
    • Bank signing authority needs to be updated. Remove Greg Poncelet from master agreement. Add Bruce Cody. Keep Carl Haase and Reg Patterson
    • Action: Carl to coordinate Bank Master Agreement Updates.

  6. Housekeeping items (email, document storage, etc.)
    • Access to email will be limited to Bruce (President), Carl (Treasurer) and Kelly (Secretary). Any email to Kocanusa Village will be reviewed and sent by all or one of the three.
    • Requested by Bruce to eliminate including info email on internal board email conversations. Going forward Info@kvca only to be used for external communications.
    • Carl has moved all documents from OneDrive to SharePoint. All board members will have read access to all documents, however, edit will be limited to President, Treasurer and Secretary. Action: Carl to set up required permissions.
    • New Board members requested to read KVCA ByLaws and Constitution. Also to skim through the BC Society Act. (Note: We are a member funded society and are also not a reporting society.)
    • Action: Reg to email Welcome New Board Member email to Bruce who will update and send to all BOD members.
    • Action: New Board members to read.

  7. Review and update list of KVCA Board responsibilities
    • See attached document – KVCA – BOD R&R

  8. Create Plan for managing activities and responsibilities. The following is a list provides micro teams and the names of those responsible:
    • Correspondence & Membership Maintenance: Kelly
    • Community Engagement: Darryl, Sheri & Jared
    • Fire & Safety – VFD&VFA: Ciara, Darryl & Rick
    • Developer Relations: Alan, Jared & Rick
    • Growth & Developer Relations: Reg & Colin

  9. Discuss initial objectives for each area.
    • To be discussed at next KVCA BOD

  10. Discuss date and location for next AGM
    • Suggested date for next KVCA AGM is Sat May 25th, 2024 (The weekend after the May Long weekend) at the lake.

  11. Set date for next Board meeting. Send email to BOD for best next date for next BOD.
    • Action: Kelly

  12. Meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm.
Koocanusa Village Community Association - BOD
Dec. 12, 2023 - 7:00pm
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Meeting Minutes