Member in Attendance: Bruce Cody, Kelly Kemick

Via Team: Colin Stroeder, Reg Patterson, Rick Spasiuk, Carl Hasse, Jared Bell & Alan Agate

Not in Attendance: Sheri Dean & Ciara Duffy


1.     Call the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.


2.     Review and adopt minutes from previous meeting.  

·       Minutes accepted by Reg, all in favour to accept


3.      Financials and Accounting

·       Review Latest Financial and Budget

o   No Comments from board members

·       Action Carl to coordinate Bank Master Agreement - completed

·       Bank signing authority need to be updated - completed

o   Closed – All reporting is done. Personal Contact Info updated, Documents filed in KVCA Sharepoint.

·       Currently running 2 financials systems in parallel Quickbooks (current) and Odoo (potential new financial S/W as it may have better functionality and save $ over existing Quickbooks)…still under test and review.


Review functional assignment, priorities, and initial objectives for managing activities and responsibilities.   (Please see attached R&R for further details)


4.     Correspondence & Membership Maintenance:  Kelly & Bruce 

o   All KVCA email addresses updated and current


5.     Community Engagement: Darryl, Sheri & Jared 

·       Organize Fire Road Clean up and Hotdog BBQ after AGM – Team update requested with budget to present at AGM.

·       Team to develop a master plan for overseeing community communication via newsletters or email update, and through social media platforms.

o   Status: All Items remain open. Note: Budget Numbers required for AGM Open


6.   Fire & Safety – VFD&VFA: Ciara, Darryl & Rick

·       Bruce email forwarded the RDEK Fire Survey.

·       Plan needed for spring / summer fire training.

·       Plan needed for future of Fire Truck (Survey Results).

·       Input required on VFD and VFA needs for budget planning.

·       Status of replacement Alert notification system – and budget.

o   Status: All Items remain open. Note: Budget Numbers required for AGM.


7.   Developer Relations: Alan, Jared & Rick 

·       Action: Engaging with the developer – what is the plan to make this happen?

o   Create a plan for the first face to face meeting – date, goals, discussion points etc.

o   Status: All Items remain open. Note: Budget Numbers required for AGM



8.     Growth & Development: Reg & Colin

·       Reviewed Road Maintenance Survey Results

·       Garbage removal service – Facebook request?

·       Team to provide go forward plan on initiative to migrate common strata and freehold services and common area development to the KVCA

o   Status: All Items remain open. Note: Budget Numbers required for AGM




9.    General Board Items:

·       Review KVCA By-Law updates: Purpose is to

                                                        i.     Clarify the definition of a “Member”

                                                      ii.     Create limit so that only 1 family member is seated on the board

·       Suggested KVCA By-Law update:

1.1 Definitions

Member”  is a person, couple, family, company, organization, or legal entity that owns one or more properties in Koocanusa Village.


2.1 Application for Membership

Property owners and their families in Koocanusa Village are a Member of the Society. While annual dues are always the responsibility of the Member, membership rights such as voting at an AGM can be passed to a Lease Holder if the Member provides formal written notice of this change to the KVCA Board of Directors.


2.2 Duties of Members

a) Every KVCA Member, along with their family and guests must uphold the constitution of the Society and must comply with these Bylaws.

b) Every Member must pay the annual membership fee that is agreed upon by special resolution at a General Meeting.


2.5  A voting Member who is not in good standing

a) may not vote at a general meeting, and

b) is deemed not to be a voting member for the purpose of consenting to a resolution of the voting members, and

c) is ineligible for nomination or election to the KVCA Board of Directors

Part 4 Directors

4.5  Each Member is eligible to have no more than one person elected to the KVCA Board of Directors at any one time.


o   Status: All revisions approved by BOD.  Ready for presentation to AGM.


10.  Additional Item Added at the beginning of the meeting: Have community engagement event to refresh logo.


11.  Set Date and Time for next KVCA BOD. – Wednesday April 17, 2024


12.  Meeting Adjourned: 8:08 pm

Koocanusa Village Community Association - BOD
Wednesday, February 28th, 2024 - 7:00pm
Microsoft Office Teams - Virtual & in-person
Meeting Minutes