Members in Attendance:  Bruce Cody, Daryl Binnion, Kelly Kemick

Via Teams: Colin Stroeder, Reg Patterson, Rick Spasiuk, Carl Hasse, Sheri Dean & Ciara Duffy

Not in Attendance: Jared Bell, Alan Agate



1.       Call the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.


2.       Review and adopt minutes from previous meeting.  

·           Meeting Minutes accepted. By Darryl, 2nd by Reg


3.        Review Latest Financial and Budget.

·           No change since the new year.  Lot selling beginning of Feb, 2024


4.       Carry Over Items from Previous Board Meetings 


·         Action: Kelly to distribute AGM & BOD meeting minutes. Complete & Closed


·         Action: Carl to coordinate Bank Master Agreement. Letter sent to RBC to update.  Will hear back in the next few days.


·         Bank signing authority needs to be updated.  Remove Greg Poncelet from master agreement.  Add Bruce Cody.  Keep Carl Haase and Reg Patterson.  Tied into bullet above re: Bank Master Agreement.


·         All board members will have read access to all documents on SharePoint, however, edit will be limited to President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Action:  Carl to set up required permissions. 


·         New Board members requested to read KVCA Bylaws and Constitution.  Also, to skim through the BC Society Act.  (Note: We are a member funded society and are also not a reporting society.)   Closed


·         Action: Reg to email Welcome New Board Member email to Bruce who will update and send to all BOD members.   Closed


·         Date of next AGM?  Suggested date: Sat May 25th, 2024 (The weekend after the long weekend) Date confirmed with BOD. Will tie in Fire Road clean up and Hotdog BBQ later in the day after AGM.


2.       Review functional assignment, priorities, and initial objectives for managing activities and responsibilities.   (Please see attached R&R for specific task details)

Note:  All sub-committee teams are requested to provide forecasted budget items to the KVCA BOD well before the AGM.


·         Correspondence & Membership Maintenance:  Kelly & Bruce 

                                                               i.      All emails both in Outlook and Quickbooks are in sync.



·         Community Engagement: Darryl, Sheri & Jared 

                                                               i.      Create and email questions for community survey in regard to snow plowing expectations.  Action Bruce and Ciara

                                                             ii.      Create survey monkey and distribute to community. Action: Ciara

                                                           iii.      Heritage Fund Account – Assign new contact names. Action: Carl

                                                           iv.      Create the communication plan for on-going, consistent communication to the KVCA community.


·         Fire & Safety – VFD&VFA: Ciara, Darryl & Rick 

                                                               i.      Investigate Community Alert System Options. Action: Carl

                                                             ii.      Develop equipment maintenance plan.

                                                           iii.      Develop 2024 fire training schedule.

                                                           iv.      Provide proposal (cost benefit etc) for future of fire truck.


·         Developer Relations: Alan, Jared & Rick.

                                                               i.      Reach out to KVP to see if they would install an AED at the marina… or partner with KVCA?


·         Growth & Development Relations: Reg & Colin 

                                                               i.      Investigate contractor options for road snow plowing for all KVCA Community. Action: Sheri

                                                               ii.      Discuss with Strata Councils and gain agreement. This will need to be presented and idea approved to Strata Councils in the form of a resolution at a Strata AGM or SGM. (This needs to happen before we can formally present this to KVCA membership via AGM budget Line items related to this initiative)

                                                               iii.      Confirm details of common area improvements with KV properties (timing for expected development when area’s may be handed over to KVCA for ongoing maintenance and upgrades). Details of north marina greenspace and beach area, common areas, walking paths and overall vision – would be very valuable for this committee and KVCA to understand. Will require input and discussion with KV Properties.

                                                               iv.      after we have agreement, we will need to call for volunteers to set up committee, develop objectives for committee with areas of responsibility and structure (ie a charter for committee to follow) , so we can build an initial budget (including capital projects, and ongoing maintenance ) – example Capital Project = Playground, ongoing maintenance = snow clearing, lawn mowing, irrigation etc.

                                                               v.      Budget items will need to be worked into KVCA AGM (or SGM) for adoption by membership. Depending on timing for steps above – will dictate when we can do this. In my opinion if we don’t get strata agreement by May KVCA AGM, this would be worth doing a SGM whenever we need to in order to get formal approval for budget approval)



3.       New Items

·           Name Change for Secretary Position – New name agreed by BOD Administration Director.

·           Ice Maintenance – Should the KVCA take an active role in this (perhaps something we could coordinate with KV) No action required.  If subcommittee formed, it may send a message that the community is taking over maintenance from Utilities company.

·           Road Maintenance on both our private roads (we need a solution for many reasons which can be discussed at the meeting) as well as BC Roads plowing commitment and time frame from each snowfall to plow timeline.  See Fire & Safety SubCommitte and Community Engagement SubCommittee Items.

·           Nominations for RDEK 2024 Electoral Area Volunteers of the Year. Action Kelly to complete for nominate Shelley Dingerville.

·           KVCA Newsletter; should BOD do a regular (quarterly?) newsletter or just timely adhoc communications when something comes up? Action: Community Engagement Sub-Committee team.

·           Board’s position on communication sent re: recommendation on which board members to vote for in last election. No action required.

·           Suggested KVCA By-Law update:

i.       Define a member – I.e. A member is a person, couple, family, company, organization, or legal entity that owns one or more properties in Koocanusa Village

ii.       BOD representation – Each member is allowed to have no more than one person elected to the KVCA BOD at any one time.


Action:  Bruce to update based on BOD recommendations and prepare for  AGM.


4.       Next BOD KVCA Meeting’s Date:  Wed Feb 28, 2024 at 7:00 pm.


5.       Meeting Adjourned at 8:57pm.









Koocanusa Village Community Association - BOD
January 24, 2024 - 7:00pm
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