Directors in attendance:
Reg Patterson, Carl Haase, Brian Bell, Colin Stroeder, Marilyn Blattler, Frank Angyal, Barry Olsen and Mathew Becker

Greg Poncelet and Taryn Davis

Reg Patterson called the meeting to order at 7: 02 P.M.

A quorum was present, and the meeting validity constituted.

Approval of Agenda:
Motion by Mathew Becker to approve the Agenda as presented. Seconded by Barry Olsen.
A VOTE was taken and passed unanimously.

Approval of Previous Council Minutes:
Motion by Marilyn Blattler to approve the previous council minutes. Seconded by Barry Olsen.
A VOTE was taken and passed unanimously.

Secretary Report:
The Annual Report has been filed

Treasurers Report:
June Financials will be available shortly.

Fire & Safety Update:
$500 donation was received to put towards a volunteer event for FireSmart which may include a clean of the area from the Texas entrance gate to the main road. Need to request organizers for date in September (TBC)

Fire Hall Shelter Planning:
There was a Discussion concerning the building of a future Fire Hall. There are a few options, but council is awaiting more information from the Developer.

Developer Communications:
The developer has given a proposal for a community center and Fire Hall. Planning for meeting with developer to discuss questions on common areas and future development areas.

Common Area Future Strategy Discussion:
Council is still awaiting the Developer’s future development intentions and the responsibilities of repair and Maintenance for central lake.

Discussion and update for board regarding potential to set up “KVCA common areas and landscape committee” for 2022. 771 strata will be voting on allowing KVCA to take over common area landscaping and upkeep on strata common areas.

Upon 771 strata approval, KVCA to form committee (Fall), committee to develop budget and design plan(s) for the common area’s. Board to present budget to membership at Spring 2022 AGM. Upon approval of budget – begin work on areas in spring 2022.

Social Events:
To be determined with concerns of the wildfire situation.

Next Meeting: TBA, Early September

Meeting adjourned 8:53 P.M. by Reg Patterson
KVCA Council Meeting Minutes
July 29th, 2021
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