Call Meeting to Order:  9:09 am


1.     Confirmation of membership numbers; attendance, proxies, and quorum

·       Total Members in good Standing:  223

·       Quorum Threshold – 25%: 56

·       Total Proxy Votes: 45

·       Total Live Votes: 15

·       Total Votes: 60

·       50% of Votes: 30

·       2/3rd’s Vote: 40


2.     Verification of proper notice of AGM

·       Motion by Peter Jones that notice of AGM had been properly given and validly constituted.  Seconded by Alan Agate

·       A vote was taken and passed unanimously.


3.     Acceptance of the Agenda

·       Motioned by Tracy Cody to approve agenda as circulated. Seconded by Darryl Binnion

·       A vote was taken and passed unanimously.


4.     Approval of the minutes of the previous AGM, November 29, 2023

·       Motioned by Tracy Cody to approve meeting minutes. Seconded by Darryl Binnion.

·       A vote was taken and passed unanimously. No other business arising.


5.     Acceptance of 2023 Financial Report

·       No Discussion.  Motioned by Alan Agate to accept financial report.  Seconded by Renee Lavoie

·       A vote was taken and passed unanimously in favour.


6.     2024 Budget and Membership Fees Review and Discussion

·       Proposal to increase yearly membership to $200.00 per lot needs 2/3 people approved.

·       Questions from the floor –

                                      i.     Is the fire truck the biggest expense? Not the biggest expense however no expected to break even and just cover expenses when selling the fire truck.

                                     ii.     Increase of funds purchase a new safety cargo trailer with installed shelving in trailer. Suggestion from the floor – have 2 doorways built into the trailer

                                   iii.     What about a U-Haul van, as it would be more convenient – F&S responded that this would be another piece of equipment to be maintained.

                                    iv.     Point raised from the floor that the 2 water tanks owned by the KVCA are very heavy and have no brakes.  Very important that the new Cargo trailer will have brakes.  Would there be budget to put surge brakes on cargo. Point made that use of fire hydrants are best.

                                     v.     Any discussion as to where the water tanks would be placed.  No discussion has happened with that yet.

                                    vi.     Is there money to buy another AED?  Could developer buy another AED and First Aid to place by the store?  Answer that KVCA could share cost.

                                  vii.     A request from the floor to confirm that STAR’s coordinates on current community emergency signs are accurate.

                                 viii.     What is the role of the KVCA? Answer, role of KVCA is documented in constitution.

                                    ix.     Could the increase in membership fees be part of a playground development and purchase?  Answer before that can happen a consolidation of maintenance and green spaces need to be under 1 entity.

·       Motion by Cindy Anderson to approve 2024 budget. Seconded by David Harmata. Vote taken:  In favour: 51 Opposed: 9 – 2024 Proposed budget passed


7.     Discussion and motion to sell the fire truck (Special Resolution)

·       Motion by Shelly Dingreville to pass the special resolution and sell the fire truck.  Seconded by: Renee Lavoie.  In favour: 54. Against: 4, Abstain: 2. Special Resolutions passed.


8.     Updates to KVCA Bylaws – Review and vote to adopt (Special Resolution) *See KVCA Notification2024 for full details. ** For detailed tally count see 2024 AGM – Voting Tally Sheet

·       Changes to 1.1- Definition Moved to pass: Peter Jones, 2nd Susan Baxter. Passed

·       Changes to 2.1 – Application for membership. Moved to pass Warren Mead, 2nd Ray Fountain. Passed

·       Changes to 2.2 – Duties of Members. Moved to pass Peter Jones 2nd Renee Lavoie. Passed

·       Changes to 2.5 – A voting Member who is not in good standing. Moved to pass Ray Fountain. 2nd Susan Baxter. Passed

·       Changes to Part 4 – Directors Moved to pass Susan Baxter. 2nd Rene Lavoie. Passed


9.     Presentation and discussion on consolidating development and maintenance of all common area to the KVCA.

·       Overview presented by Colin Stroeder. One common goal – community work together to develop uniformity. Plan is to break down task into 3 sections:

                                      i.     Combine Services for the whole community – ground maintenance, street cleaning, snow removal

                                     ii.     Capital Projects (Such as playground) Develop 3-to-5-year plan

                                   iii.     Maintenance such as grass cutting including KV trail system

·       Current biggest hurdle is to get 2 strata on board.  Need commitment from them to place all green spaces to KVCA for maintenance and development.

·       Volunteers needed to create masterplan present budget to KVCA for funding.


10.  New Business from the Floor

·       Request from floor to create better communication tool from KVCA such as: more newsletters, secure phone directory.  Keep communications’ small, more likely for people to read.

·       Welcome letter has been drafted and will be sent to new KVCA lot owners

· is best place to receive updated info

·       Request from floor to have next AGM on May long weekend.


11.  Election of KVCA Board – Total Board consisting of a maximum of 11 members. * See Tally Sheet for specific numbers.

·        President– Bruce Cody accepted nomination – No other nominations. Move Rene Lavoie, 2nd Peter Jones. Passed

·        Vice President – Reg Patterson accepted nomination – No other nominations. Move to pass Ray Fountain. 2nd Warrant Mead. Passed

·        Treasurer – Carl Haase accepted nomination – No other nominations. Move to pass Rene Lavoie. 2nd Peter Jones

·        Administrative Director – Kelly Kemick accepted nomination – No other nominations. Move to pass Susan Baxter, 2nd Peter Jones. Passed

·        Directors – Colin Stroader and Rick Spasiuk accepted nomination – No other nominations. Move to pass Cindy Anderson, 2nd Shelley Dingreville. Passed


12.  Meeting adjourned 11:01 am


Koocanusa Village Community Association -AGM
May 25th, 2024
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